Aluminium Repair Room
  • Any Size
  • Integrated  filtration
  • Specilised aluminium dust filter options.
  • Large viewing windows
  • Bright Lighting
  • Modular design
  • Insulated Panel or P/C Sheetmetal construction.
  • Interlocked Electrical sockets
  • Welding & fume extraction
  • Mobile or Interoperated dust extraction
  • Positivly pressurised clean enviormnet.
  • Optional : Storage cupboards
  • Optional: Work bench
  • Optional: Tool storage

Why do I need a Aluminium Repair Bay?


Many modern vehicles are made from aluminium, as such the repair process involves keeping aluminium dust particles away from all other metals. A dedicated aluminium repair bay is self-contained and will separate aluminium work from all other metal processes allowing for clean welding and preparation of the substrate. When aluminium repair is correctly done in such an environment this will avoid galvanic corrosion.

Top 5 reasons :

  1. Avoid galvanic corrosion
  2. Isolate aluminium repair to reduce re-works
  3. Dedicated tools on hand
  4. Contain aluminium dusts from the workshop
  5. Ensure clean contaminate free repair.
Aluminium Repair Facility

What area Industrial Aluminium Bays use for?


Aluminium welding, sanding or polishing booths are commonly used in industrial applications when working with aluminium surfaces. The  airborne steel dust particles must be appropriately filtered and captured as aluminium dusts can be explosive. Via aluminium repair bay welding integrity and the surface deteriorate can be controlled through isolation and filtration; thus minimizing any contact corrosion from other materials such as chrome, steel, lead or zinc.

Top 5 reasons :

  1. Avoid galvanic corrosion
  2. Contain aluminium dusts from the workshop
  3. Protect operators from polishing dust
  4. Enviromental airflow and temperature conroll.
  5. Dedicated operator tools and workstations.