Pneumatic Personnel Elevated Work Platforms for Spray Booths

Safe Access winthin a Spray Booth & Spray Area

A spray booth is a hazardous environment. Under the Australian Hazardous Standards it is classified as a Zone 1 Environment – which means that it is an explosive atmosphere due to the paint over spray being introduced and exhausted into the space. This means that there can be no sources of ignition within the spray booth and that certainly means that access platforms or lifts ( scissor lifts) when used within a spray booth must be pneumatically operated ( by Compressed air)

This is where the WALL MAN and LIFT MAN platforms become ideal. These pneumatically operated access systems are ideal in hazardous and flammable environments as not only do them provide safe access but they are designed specifically to be used within a spray booth.

Installation is simple and little maintenance is needed.  This device will increase profitability, operator’s well-being and productivity.

Installation Examples in Spray Booths

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