Trailer Spray Booths

  • Australian Designed and Made to Australian Standards
  • Simple and Cost effective solutions
  • 4114.1:2003 Compliant & Certified
  • Insulated Panel Spray Booth Options
  • Sheetmetal Kit Form Spray Booth Options
  • Standard & Oversized Options available
  • Open Faced Cross flow Design
  • Filtered Doors can be fitted
  • Semi Downdraught Spray Booth Design
  • Engineered and tailored to suit client requirements
  • Simple and Cost effective solutions
  • Heating and Baking Capabilities in Semi Downdraft Design
  • Clean & Filtered spray environment

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Simple and Cost Effective Spray booth for industrial painting

When painting commercial trailers or industrial semi-trailers there are many options available. In many instances where higher volume production is required a Truck Spray Booth complete with heating will offer the best solution. However where the spray painting occurs in lower volumes ( Not production line volumes) and the solution required must be simple and economical a Crossflow or open type industrial spray booth may best suit your application.

Insulated Panel Crossflow Booths

Insulated Panel Enclosed Booth
Enclosed Crossflow with Doors
Semi Trailer Enclosed Booth
Large Equiptment Crossflow Installed

Customisable & Modular

We offer truck trailer spray booths that let you place your personnel doors and lighting fixtures wherever you want to. This lets you customize your spray booth to cater to the equipment that you’re painting. We also offer this range of booths in either insulated panel construction or Sheet metal modular panels.

Insulated Panel – White panels with central insulation in either 50mm/75mm or 100mm Thickness panels. These booths are professionally installed by skilled and experienced TRUFLOW technicians to esnure a professional finish. Due to the construction methods required and trade skills to install this type of spray booth, insulated panels construction booths do not come in kits – they are always supplied and installed by TRUFLOW.

Sheetmetal kit Spray Booths – In either galvanised finish or colorcoat white these single skin panels are manufactured from 1.00mm steel and are CNC Punched, pressed and formed to be bolt together kits. Due to the engineered nature of these panels they come complete with drawings and assembly instructions and can be provided as a complete modular kit for customers to install themselves. We are proud to be providing these kit spray booths Australia Wide and even internationally.

Sheetmetal Kit Form - Build your own spray booth

Oversized kit Spray Booth
Kit Form Small Trailer Spray Booth
Build Your Own Spray Booth – DIY
DIY install Sheetmetal Booth

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