Water Wall Spray Booth WWSB TRUFLOW
  • Fully Compliant to AS/NZS 4114.1:2003 Australian Standards
  • High Volume painting applications + 4 litres per hour.
  • Simple bolt together modular construction
  • Designed for production volume painting
  • Large range of standard sizes.
  • 1.0mm & 2mm galvanised sheet-metal construction.
  • Control Box Options
  • Venturi water filter scrubber system.
  • Patented design for filtration and clean spray painting.
  • Minimum airflow through open face spray booths @ 0.5 m/sec
  • Applications include: Glue spray painting on production line.
  • Applications include: Fibreglass packing and trimming booth.
  • Applications include: Production line painting,automotive parts.
  • Applications include: Production line Cabinets and kitchens.
  • Applications include: Furniture varnishing booth


When a production environment is what you need to satisfy high volumes of paint and very high quality finishing requirements a water filter  spraybooth from the TRUFLOW WWSB Series of spray booth is what you will need.  Suitable for a wide variety of applications, they offer a bright, safe and clean environment for your finishing operations while being able to handle and filter high volumes of over spray. Capturing over spray is archived by the water scrubbing process, no filters are required as the water and louvres fitted provide 99% capture rates while minimizing odours as they are captured in the water tank.

High Volume Painting

Water Filtration Systems are designed for high volume production facilities or particulates which are very fine. They can be used to provide a clean environment that can minimize dust and handle high volume of paint. Water walls have been used in production line facilities all over Australia including furniture and automotive applications for Toyota and plastics manufacturers.

Fibreglass Cutting & Trimming Booths

Used by manufacturers that need to deal with fibreglass packing / moulding and trimming. The water scrubber will capture dusts and fumes, minimizing odours produced by this process. Commonly used by clients that manufacture Spa’s, bathroom products including shower bases and fibreglass panels for cars and trucks.

Australia Wide Delivery & Export option available

TRUFLOW’s range of WWSB booths are modular and packed ready to transport.  The service is quick and reliable and we can transport Australia Wide and now also to Papua New Guinea, New ZealandSingapore, and Indonesia.

High Volume Painting

Ideal for furniture manufacturing production lines where the varnish / gloss or paint process is on-line. Capable of managing high volumes of over spray in excess of 4lts per hour this filtration system captures over spray and mitigates odours.

Undercoating Applications

Undercoating can be completed in Water walls and is especially suited when dealing with heavy solid paints where over spray particles would quickly clog a dry filter system.

Fibreglass Moulding shops

When applying fibreglass to moulds, or trimming or completing a cutting application where dust or fumes are generated a Water wall will significantly mitigate odours generated and capture large volumes of over spray / dust particles.

Production line / Conveyor

On-line systems are designed for production level painting. They may be combined with a drying room or oven and integrated with a conveyor system. Find out more by looking at our production spraybooths page.

Enclosed Clean Environment

Commonly used by Cabinet Makers, Furniture polishes and splash back manufacturers this booth offers a clean enclosed environment with a huge variety of sizes and doorways for product entry. See also Semi Downdraft Spray Booths

No job too big or small

Your spraybooth can be professionally installed by the TRUFLOW team. The ductwork height will be in compliance to AS/NZS 4114.1:2003 and can also be custom designed for specific area requirements which may need higher discharge points.