Industrial Application Extraction Walls

Key features of Extraction Walls

  • Small footprint with high volume exhaust extraction
  • Remove dust and overspray from workplace.
  • Fully Compliant with Australian Standards 4114.1:2003
  • 100% Australian Made
  • Kit Form Self-Assembly Spray Booth
  • Suitable for sanding, preparation & minor/major spray painting or as spray area.
  • Industrial, Automotive and Commercial applications.
  • Any size – small or large
  • Safe and compliant
  • Axial Exhaust fans using  Ex’e rated motors (increased safety motors)
  • High quality filtration to capture particles
  • Industry proven
  • Quite and low cost to install & run
  • Modular sizes to suit any workshop
  • Trusted Australian Made product

Download Brochure on Extraction Wall Preparation Bays

Download Brochure on Budget Open Face Prep Bays

Extraction walls for a wide variety of applications

Truflow Spray Booth’s range of Extraction walls suit a variety of applications. These versatile filter units can be put at the rear of any cabin or factory workshop to create a Spray Area, Dry filter spray booth, Preparation Area or Bays or even a Sanding extraction booths.

Ideal for paint and general extraction they are modular and can be coupled together to create a banked wall of filters.

These dry filter systems are ideal for painting preparation and even top coating in some applications, they can be used as Spray Booth Extraction chambers or just exhaust ventilation. They aim to capture paint and dust via the filter wall and can be used to support large spray painting applications in a open or enclosed arrangement.

Automotive, Industrial & Commercial Applications

Truflow’s range of Extraction Walls & Preparation Areas are available for any product application and any budget. We have seen these units over the last 30 years be used in practically all industries.

Providing safe and compliant extraction for Aerospace, Automotive, Furniture, Construction Joinery and Metal fabrication industries. Many of our installations utilise the latest systems for improved efficiencies and reductions in environmental impact.

Flat packed, self assembly Industrial spray booths

There are a wide range of standard sizes and configurations. The self install series can suit any budget and can be packed & wrapped ready for dispatch quickly. These Australian built dry filter booths come with instructions, drawings and a 12 month warranty.

Australia Wide Delivery & Export option available

TRUFLOW’s Open Face booths are like the Australian version of an “IKEA Flat Pack” for the spray booth industry. The service is quick and reliable and we can transport AustraliaWide and now also to Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Wide range of shapes and sizes

Banked Wall of Exhaust Units

TRUFLOW’s Range of Exhaust Walls can be used singularly or banked together to form complete walls of extraction.

Single Wall of Extraction

Extraction wall and cabin area preparation areas are designed for both sanding and priming applications with the ability to apply top coat in low / medium and high volumes. Standard Dry Booth Range.

Deliniated Spray Areas

These units are also successfully used as the main extraction chamber for Spray Area. However they can be used for fume and dust extraction in aviation and automotive applications as well.

Budget Extraction Wall

This industrial production type booth features an open-face booth design, high-capacity filter and low-noise fan for fume & dust. Simple and Cost effective  budget booth.

Automotive Extraction Wall

The standard range of DB Spray booths can also be installed as automotive preparation bays.

Portable Extraction Wall

The TRUFLOW Spray Cube (TM) Product is a portable extraction spray booth wall designed for remote spray-painting.

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