Downdraught Preparation Quick Repair Bay

Key features of Downdraft Prep

  • Prep, Repair and Paint in the one area.
  • Ideal for spotting and high volume repairs
  • Suitable for sanding, preparation & minor spray painting
  • Designed to suit the modern bodyshop
  • Coomonly used for spot re-sprays
  • Any size – small or large
  • Safe and compliant
  • All prep bays fitted with Ex’e rated (increased safety motors)
  • Waterbase or Solvent
  • Industry proven
  • quiet and low cost to install & run
  • Modular sizes to suit any workshop
  • Trusted Australian Made product

Sand, Vacuum, Paint & Cure

Full Downdraft Preparation Area with Arch IR

For quick repairs in minimal time the key is limiting vehicle movement. The TRUFLOW Down-Draught Preparation Bay is a combination booth allowing for Sanding, Preping, priming and Painting all the occur in the one area.

With down-draught air flow and integrated dust vacuum systems for sanders the operator can direct all of their energy toward the repair. When complete the integrated sliding rail mounted infrared heaters are ready for  product curing.

Key Benefits:
  • Downdraft Airflow – Air directly Over product
  • Vacume System – Extraction for Sanders 
  • Roof Lighting & Filters – Bright & Clean environment 
  • Infrared Rail – Cure the repaired part
  • Storage Lockers – Everything you need at arms reach.

Open fronted Preparation Bay

Full Downdraft Preparation Area, Open fronted.

Open fronted preparation bays can be designed to suit a specific space in your factory. Designed to maximize the use of space they are ideal for areas in your shop that may be previously underutilised. Open fronted Down-Draught Preparation Bays are a combination booth allowing for Sanding, Preping, priming and Painting all the occur in the one area.

Key Benefits:
  • Curtains – Seperate areas or combine them
  • Mobile Vacume Systems – Extraction for Sanders that can be moved
  • In Ground Pit or Above Floor – Downdrafting Airflow 
  • Infrared Options – Mobile or Rail
  • Storage Lockers – Everything you need at arms reach.

Watch this video on the Revo Infrared.

Infrareds Arches or Rapids can be fitted to any preparation bay. The Revo unit is a state of the art European designed arch system. Desiged as a global benchmark and used by paint manufacturers world wide including PGG, Glasurit, Akzo Noble, Sikkes and many more.

All Revo systems use high short waves quality ruby coated lamps, they are electric infra-reds, this is because it is extremely versatile and has unique advantages in performance, making the equipment ideal for use in today’s modern body shops.

IR rays emitted by short wave infra-red lamps can penetrate various paint product layers applied onto the surface, reaching and directly heating the sub strait and lower paint layers.

Watch the youtube video to see it in action.
Fast Repair IR Bay
Downdraft Quick Repair
Infra Red Options availiable
Multi Bay Quick Repair Booth
Rapid Facility
More repairs, less cost
State of the Art
Combined Prep, Dust Extraction & Spot repair


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