• Fully Installed and Compliant: Australian Made
  • Engineered specifically to suit
  • Gas Fired Heating System
  • Energy Recovery via re-circulative heating
  • Fully Insulated
  • Drying Rooms up to 70.C
  • Batch Ovens to 220.C
  • Bi-Fold Doors
  • Space Saving Design
  • Various Cabin Size options
  • Conveyor batch ovens
  • Single Entry Batch Ovens
  • Wet Spray Applications
  • Powder coat Curing
  • Specialised furnaces & curing systems

Suitable for: Aviation, Industrial, Manufacturing, Furniture, Cabinet Making and Automotive applications.


TRUFLOW Manufactures Drying Rooms and Industrial Ovens including furnaces in a large variety of temperatures and sizes. Each drying room is designed to provide solutions for accelerated curing / drying of paints, thermal processing or  specific technical coating applications required by your painting process.

We can design a solution to provide you with a long-term reliable and accurate oven for any industry. Ensuring the ultimate in heating control and curing for your manufacturing process, all ovens can be designed to suit Aviation, Automotive, Furniture or Batching processes.

We have a wide selection of industrial curing solutions:

  • Batch ovens
  • High temperature ovens
  • Drying ovens
  • Curing ovens
  • Paint drying rooms
  • Powder coating ovens.

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