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Ensuring Compliance Excellence for Your Spray Booths! At TruFlow Spray Booths, we understand the critical importance of compliance when it comes to operating spray booths. Our Compliance service is your trusted partner in meeting and exceeding industry standards and regulations. Our team of experts is dedicated to meticulously assessing, optimising, and maintaining your spray booth’s compliance with environmental, safety, and regulatory requirements. We keep a close eye on evolving industry standards, so you don’t have to, ensuring that your equipment remains up-to-date and fully compliant.

With our services you can rest easy, knowing that your operations are environmentally responsible and safe. Stay ahead of the curve and avoid potential compliance issues with TruFlow. We’re here to support your commitment to regulatory excellence and the seamless operation of your spray booth.

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Our experienced team is here to help. We can provide free and without obligation answers to any of your questions. New facility design compliance is what we specialise in; ensuring that consultants or facility designers can get the right information immediately is our goal and our experience team who design and manufacture TRUFLOW products locally have vast experience with both Australian Spray Booth Standards 4114.1:2003 as well as Gas, Electrical and Hazardous Areas experience.

You can check out our portfolio or our products to see just how experienced we are.

We are familiar with all brand of spray booths including imported models which may need significant upgrades to meet Australia Standards and complacency requirements. Although we always suggest it is best to stay clear of imported models due to complexities that arise when attempting to compliance these in Australia, if you are just reading this now then it is likely you need our help and if you choose to go through the process we can guide you through the process by explaining what equipment must be replaced and documentation required to achieve certification. This process can help you determine the feasibility of the work required on the old or imported equipment you have purchased or relocated.

  • New facility Design
  • Project Compliance ( New build)
  • Existing Equipment inspections and Audits
  • Assessment of feasibility ( age and condition)
  • On site works & upgrades
  • General maintenance and repairs
  • Compliance / Non Compliance :  Reports
  • Electrical and Gas upgrades as required
  • Licenced Electrical and Gas Type B technicians paperwork
  • Certification & Inspection
  • ESV and Hazardous Area Inspections

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