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Professional Relocation Service
If you are moving factories and need to relocate your spray booth our service team can get you from A to B.


Relocation of Spray Booths Made Easy! At Tru Flow Spray Booths, we specialise in the seamless relocation of spray booths, offering you a hassle-free solution for moving your essential equipment to a new location. Whether you’re expanding your business, upgrading your facilities, or simply need to relocate your spray booth for any reason, our dedicated team of experts is here to help. With years of experience in handling complex equipment, we ensure that your spray booth is safely and efficiently transported to its new destination. Our services encompass everything from dismantling, packing, and transportation to reinstallation and recalibration, guaranteeing that your spray booth operates just as effectively in its new home as it did in the old one. Trust us to take care of the heavy lifting and technical details, so you can focus on what matters most – your business. Make your spray booth relocation a stress-free experience with Tru Flow Spray Booths.

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Its more than just pull down and put back up. When relocating a spray booth our team looks at its condition, compliance and feasibility to move the booth in a economical way. We can safety and professionally dismantle the booth, move it to its new location and then re-install. During this process our team will assess parts that would need to be replaced which can be quickly manufactured in our factory and fitted. Compliance is also assessed with any control system or gas upgrades identified. With a team of experienced Gas Technicians and electrical techs, TRUFLOW can bring the booth up to standard during this process. It is important to understand that much of this cannot be properly identified until the spray booth comes down so relocations with complete certification are not typically costed as turn key unless we are 100% sure of their age and compliance.

  • Assessment of feasibility ( age and condition)
  • Site dismantle of the spray booth
  • Packing & Transport of the booth
  • Site re-installation & Assembly
  • Assessment of faulty or damaged parts (wear & tear)
  • Repairs / Replacement parts, new filters
  • Electrical and Gas upgrades as required
  • Licenced Electrical and Gas Type B technicians paperwork
  • Certification & Inspection
  • ESV and Hazardous Area Inspections

Please speak to one of our sales reps to assist with a price on any relocation, the quotes will nominate exact scope and exclusions.