51 Mt Long Locomotive Spray Booth for Plasser Australia

This facility truly is a one off. Not many spray booths facilities that I have worked on in my years required such extensive modifications to make it all integrate and work within the building space. This one sets a benchmark that may be very hard to follow and may never be matched again.

The challenging space on site to implement such a large scale facility was managed by a group of project team members that were specially chosen by Scott Lawrence of Plasser. This team included the facility designers & PM (Colliers International), The dedicated builders ( Meridian Building Group) and the specialist contractor ( Truflow Spray Booths).  Various other integrated trades and companies supported the project through structural engineering, fire services and architectural. Too many to mention in fact.

What was required?

The brief was simple in instruction but complex in execution.

Provide a multi stage paint booth which allows for three different function modes ( Spray/ Bake / Prep – Booth 1, Booth 2, Booth 3 and Combined Full Area Mode) in a existing building with a 51 mt length and overhead gantry crane through all areas.

Simple right?… Wrong!

What was achieved?

In the space of 12 months the building was heavily modified to allow roof access and structural platforms to be assembled. This would then lead the way for the installation crew to come in install the custom manufactured spray booth into the space.

The Spray Booth facility design and integration took 6 months and seven (7) revisions for all to agree on the fitment. The spray booth installation took 3 months.

The completed facility speaks for itself, with all technician requirements met and exceeded by the Truflow Spray Booths Team

Who is Plasser?

The development of new technologies and machine designs is the central philosophy and strength of the company. The Plasser group works closely with its customers to develop cost-effective solutions for track maintenance because our customers are continually seeking to reduce both track maintenance costs and machine operating costs while at the same time improve efficiency, safety and services to their customers.

A machine concept is therefore successful when it contributes towards the economic success of our customers, which is the basic principle that guides our direction.

Thank You

We are very proud to have delivered this facility with such a great group of people, thank you for the opportunity we are so glad that Plasser Australia choose to work with Truflow. The final handshake and smiles on handover was well worth the effort.

Author: Chris Spencer, National Manager Truflow Spray Booths