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Portable Spray Cube Booth

Spray Cube Portable Unit
Portable Spray Booth
Spray Cube (TM)
Spray Anywhere with the cube.

The TRUFLOW SPRAY CUBE® is a conversion of a standard shipping container into a professional high quality spray booth that meets Australian Standards 4114.1:2003. The Spray booth is designed with all of the functions and safety features you would expect of an enclosed spray booth with the added flexibility of a container, allowing for the spray booth to be easily moved and used from contract to contract.

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Portable Spray Booth Infromation.

The spray booth is designed as a cross-flow system with airflow rates of .5mps at the open face. The spray booth will then remove all paint contaminates prior to being expelled through the 3phase or optional 240Volt Motor. Internal walls are cladded with white color bond insulated panel to provide a reflective and smooth environment, lighting is incorporated and rated to AS/NZS standards meeting flame proof requirements.

All you need is a standard 240v 20Amp electrical connection, or a 3 phase 20 Amp  + neutral Connection and you are ready to go. A full control board provides safety features including pre-and post purge timers, safety alarms and thermal protection.
The TRUFLOW SPRAY CUBE® is available as standard 20ft and 40ft units with customized options available on request.

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