Refurbishment, Maintenance and Corrosion Control Facility

EPA Specialized spray booth filtration
Inside the 20mt wide x 25 mt long x 7mt high Aviation Spray Booth, designed with 3 Stage specialized NESHAP filter system in Australia

RAAF Base Pearce W.A Australia,  Aviation Paint Facility – Aircraft specialized painting

The CCF Spray Booth at RAAF Base Pearce is the culmination of many people investing time, expertise and experience to collectively deliver an installation which TRUFLOW consider to be the Australian benchmark for aviation specification spray booth facilities.  There was no doubt the facility would be unique when we first became part of the design discussion a number of years ago and now with the installation complete there is no doubting the facility is unique from the moment you walk through the door. The sheer size of the facility is striking and the attention to detail both from a design and installation aspect reward the facility with some highly technical attributes that ensure optimal performance and the utmost levels of safety.  Within this spray booth facility you will find the highest level of exhaust filtration of any paint booth in Australia – The three stage fine particle and contaminate capture filter is a global benchmark for capturing aviation based overspray. This system ensures that overspray contaminates are captured to the highest level prior to discharging to atmosphere.

All aspects of this facility are driven by technical excellence; with considerations made for operator comfort, airflow quality, filtration, LED Lighting and safety controls there is no other facility that provides such a complete solution. We are proud to be part of the team that delivered this facility to defence. Whenever we are part of a team that shares a common goal which takes into considered the entire spray painting process holistically then we are bound to achieve technical excellence, and that what I believe we have achieved here; Between Jacobs, St Hillier’s, Envar group and Truflow Spray Booth we have managed to combine our skills and expertise to collectively achieve a facility for defence that will remain the standard for spray painting facilities for many years to come.

''''This facility is a testament to Australian spray booth design and engineering, involving the highest level of expertise to deliver a facility this advanced and capable of such high standards of environmental control''
Chris Spencer | Group GM | Truflow Spray Booths (Aust)

NESHAP Aviation filtration spray booth

Above: Hanger Spray Booth integrated into building, heated and cooled with airlock sliding doors.

Aviation Facility Banner

Above: Three Stage ( Choromate Style) Aus319 (Neshap) Filtration system designed by Truflow.

NESHAP Aviation filtration spray booth