LED Facility Lighting

Aviation Facilities


Truflow has worked as the specialist contractor for a number of major defence and private aviation projects applying their expertise to deliver state of the art environments for painting aircraft’s.

Aviation Spray Booth Categorys

Aviation Facilities

Mining Sector

The refurbishment and maintenance of mining equipment and machinery is critical in feeding the mining sector. Companies that undertake these services require spray booths that can handle the unique requirements and volumes of paint applied.

Mining Equiptment Spray Booths
Ausplow Australia Spray Booth Project

Machinery Facilities


In the manufacture of industrial plant and equipment that services the agricultural and farming industries; parts and products must be spray painted to ensure a durable  surface coating can protect the equipment in the harsh conditions.

Large Equiptment Spray Booths

The industry leaders in custom designed spray painting booths

Why Choose Truflow?

  • Each project undertaken by TRUFLOW is managed with a complete end to end solution in mind.
  • Custom Spray Booths Heated and Non-Heated
  • Designed to meet all your needs by our experienced engineering team.

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An engineered approach to all custom systems

TRUFLOW Spray Booths is renowned for their ability to work within a client’s parameters and create solutions for spray painting workshops no matter what product you are looking to paint. TRUFLOW Engineers and Managers will work with you to determine your production requirements, budget and design based on space available. These considerations are key in ensuring that your solution is tailor made to your business.


“With the aid of 3D design TRUFLOW 

ensure your spray booth is a modular

design with millimetre accuracy and

engineered precision.


Custom solutions are for all industries: Mining Spray Booths, Rail Train applications, Automotive repair panel shops, industrial painting, Bus and Truck solutions as well as highly  technical aviation spray booths.

Truflow has designed custom spray booths for large equipment manufacturers that meet every challenge no matter how great or small. TRUFLOW’s custom built spray booths have solved unique problems in paint lines and manufacturing plants Australia wide for companies such as Abon Engineering, Caterpillar Australia, Krueger Trailer, Veolia, Boeing, Grocon, Bombardier Aerospace and Transport, Siemens and many others.

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