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Aviation Spray booths - Full Downdraft
Aviation Spray Facility
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Heated and Cooled / RH%

TRUFLOW Spray Booths have designed and implemented high quality Aviation based spray booths around Australia. With combined Heating, Cooling, Spraying and Baking in one facility it allows for complete enviroment control and painting conditions to international aviation standards.

For free advice please contact our office to speak with a technical advisor who can go through all aspects a aviation based spray booth installation.

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Aviation Spray Booth
Temperature and Humidity Control
Enviromental Control

An Aviation spray booth can be engineered to your companies specific needs. Various applications of spray booths can be fitted however the most common format for providing extreemly high quality and dust free finishes is a full downdraft with either multistage dry filtration or a complete water floor re-circ filter system. Each system is fully compliant to the National code and standards relevant to the installation. In order to determain your facility layout and design it is suggested you speak with a TRUFLOW technical advisor who can guide you in the right direction. Below are a few critical areas of this spray booth design.

Airflow Design - Heating and Cooling: Down draft design spray booth with Heating and Cooling. Optional circulating water floor or Multistage dry filter. Fully controlled air supply to 25.C and 50%RH, automatic control system and data-reconding. Air is filtered to 10um for a clean spray finish.

Baking and Curing Facility: Batch curing is critical to an approved finish. Each Batch is timed and logged every second providing a data read out for documentation. Adjustable baking setpoints ensure +/-1.C accuracy which is important for longer bake times which may be over 3 hours.

Compliant Design: You can trust that TRUFLOW will provide a locally manufactured spray booth which is designed specifically for local conditions and standards. Meeting and exceeding AS/NZS4114.1:2003 and providing Gas and electrical certification.

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