Refurbishment, Maintenance and Corrosion Control Facility

Sikorsky Hellitech required a technical solution for their corrosion control facility. The key specification was to provide a facility in which aircrafts could be cleaned, prepared and coated. TRUFLOW’s innovative concept was to built a single multi-purpose facility that could be used for all three processes and allow for two units to be completed simultaneously.

The final installed facility was a multi-mode system allowing operators to select from a Cleaning/Stripping mode during the preparation process, the switch to a climate controlled (heated and cooled) spray mode where ventilation exceeded Australian standards by nearly double. The final mode was Baking/Curing mode which gave users the advantage of an accelerated drying time by curing at up to 70.C.

The dimensions of this facility are : 28m x 8m x 8m. Air flow is in a Downdraft format and exhaust is by way of a technical extraction system which includes bypass dampers and a chromate filtration system. This is a world class facility that meets Australian and international standards for a modern Aviation corrosion control facility.

TRUFLOW’s ability to design and construct (D&C) a project of vast scale and technical specification was a key factor in the success of this project.


“A professional team from start to finish; We knew from the first moment we spoke to TRUFLOW the experience that they brought to the table. From the engineering team all the way through to their installers it was smooth, well manangeed and a world class product” 

AG, Project Manager | Sikorsky Hellitech NSW