Refurbishment & Restoration Facility

NSW Railways brought to life the old Thirlmere workshops with state of the art design and a beautifully finished rail museum that allows both staff and volunteers to work on a large variety of carriages and locomotives. This facility has been designed for heavy overhauls and restorations as well as “running” maintenance.

The spray booth installed was provided to facilitate the re-finishing and repair of these historic locomotives so they can be brought back to their former glory allowing everyone to enjoy a great piece of Australian history.

The dimensions of the installed train spray booth facility was : 30m x 6m x 6m.  The air flow was designed in a cross-flow format with air entry at the front through the main doors and exhaust through the rear wall of the spray booth. This airflow format suited the lower volume production associated with restoration works while still providing a clean & filtered environment that provides a clean finish and operator safety.

TRUFLOW worked with the builders and the owners to ensure the successful delivery of this project.

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Train Spray Booth

Cleaned, Prepared and Painted

Finished and Re-furbished Painted Train

Ready for show

Outside Turntable at thirlmere

In comes the next one.