Case Study:  Sikorsky Helitech NSW

Revolutionising Aviation Maintenance with Custom Built Spray Booths

Sikorsky Helitech, a prominent name in the aviation industry, sought a comprehensive solution for their corrosion control facility in New South Wales (NSW). Their requirements were precise: they needed a facility capable of efficiently cleaning, preparing, and coating aircraft. Enter Truflow, with its innovative approach to solving complex challenges.

The Challenge: Corrosion Control Facility Refurbishment

Sikorsky Helitech faced the challenge of upgrading their corrosion control facility to meet modern standards. Their existing setup needed a significant overhaul to accommodate the evolving needs of aviation maintenance. The goal was to create a versatile space capable of handling multiple processes simultaneously, ensuring efficiency and adherence to strict industry regulations.

The Solution: Custom Built Spray Booths

Truflow proposed a groundbreaking solution—a custom-built multi-purpose facility designed to streamline the entire corrosion control process. This facility, spanning an impressive 28m x 8m x 8m, was engineered to accommodate cleaning, preparation, and coating operations seamlessly. The innovative design allowed for two units to undergo treatment simultaneously, maximising throughput without compromising quality.

Innovative Features:

  • Multi-Mode Functionality: The facility featured three distinct modes tailored to different stages of the corrosion control process. Operators could easily switch between Cleaning/Stripping, Climate Controlled Spray, and Baking/Curing modes, optimising each step for efficiency and quality.
  • Advanced Ventilation: Truflow’s design exceeded Australian standards by nearly double, ensuring optimal air quality and safety during spray operations. The downdraft airflow system, coupled with a technical extraction system and chromate filtration, provided superior ventilation and environmental compliance.
  • Accelerated Drying: By incorporating a Baking/Curing mode capable of reaching temperatures up to 70°C, the facility offered accelerated drying times, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity.

Result: World-Class Aviation Maintenance Facility

The completion of the custom-built corrosion control facility marked a significant milestone for Sikorsky Helitech. Not only did it meet stringent Australian and international standards, but it also positioned them as leaders in aviation maintenance. Truflow’s expertise in design and construction played a pivotal role in the project’s success, demonstrating their ability to tackle large-scale projects with precision and innovation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Custom-built spray booths offer unparalleled efficiency and flexibility in aviation maintenance.
  • Innovative design features such as multi-mode functionality and advanced ventilation ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.
  • Collaboration with experienced partners like Truflow is essential for the successful execution of large-scale projects.

In conclusion, Sikorsky Helitech’s investment in a custom-built corrosion control facility represents a forward-thinking approach to aviation maintenance. By embracing innovation and partnering with industry leaders, they have set a new standard for excellence in aircraft refurbishment and corrosion control.