Case Study – RAAF Base Pearce, Australia

Revolutionising Aviation Maintenance with Custom Built Spray Booths

Truflow Spray Booths, in collaboration with Jacobs, St Hillier’s, and Envar group, undertook the challenge of designing and installing a state-of-the-art aviation paint facility at RAAF Base Pearce in Western Australia. This case study highlights the journey towards achieving technical excellence in aviation painting through meticulous design, innovative technology, and collaborative efforts.

The Challenge

The project aimed to establish RAAF Base Pearce as a benchmark for aviation paint facilities in Australia. Truflow Spray Booths recognized the need for a facility that not only met the highest standards of safety but also offered optimal performance and efficiency. The challenge lay in designing and installing a spray booth facility that addressed all aspects of the painting process while ensuring compliance with stringent aviation regulations.

Solution and Implementation

Truflow Spray Booths, alongside their partners, embarked on a comprehensive design process, considering every aspect of the facility. The result was a cutting-edge spray booth facility equipped with advanced features tailored specifically for aviation painting.

Key Features

  • Superior Filtration: The facility boasts the highest level of exhaust filtration in Australia, utilising a three-stage fine particle and contaminant capture filter. This system ensures the capture of aviation-based overspray, maintaining air quality and environmental standards.
  • Technical Excellence: Every element of the facility, including operator comfort, airflow quality, LED lighting, and safety controls, was meticulously designed to promote technical excellence and efficiency in the painting process.

Outcome and Impact

The completion of the CCF Spray Booth at RAAF Base Pearce marked a significant milestone in aviation painting facilities in Australia. The facility sets a new standard for excellence in spray painting, providing the Royal Australian Air Force with a world-class infrastructure for aircraft painting operations.


Truflow Spray Booths, in partnership with leading industry stakeholders, has demonstrated a commitment to innovation, quality, and technical excellence in aviation painting. The successful completion of the project at RAAF Base Pearce serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and expertise in achieving remarkable outcomes in complex engineering projects.