Plasser Truflow Project
An Experienced Team
Spray Booth Project Specialists.
The Truflow Spraybooths Team are specialists at designing and delivering unique spray booth projects, no matter how large or small its what we are good at…
Jet Air Drying, water born paints.
Elite Jet Air Drying technology.
Some call it RADS others call it QUADS, we call them air jets – designed to create turbulence and create air distortion to increase cure times for water born paints, the truflow system is well engineered and robust as you would expect …
Aviation Facility TRUFLOW
Australian designed, made, and owned
Aviation & Aerospace spray booths.
Truflow Spraybooths are the leaders in high quality Aviation and Aerospace Spray booths, designed to suit client specifications Australian & International Standards ..
Australian designed, made, and owned
Technically advanced spray booths.
A Truflow Spraybooths are clean, efficient and Australian made to fully comply with all relevant Australian Standards…
Complete Workshop fitout with prep bays and spraybooths
Australian designed, made, and owned
Automotive Spray Booth Facilities.
We offer a tailored solution to your workshop including a complete site measure and 3D design services to ensure you have the most efficient …
Industrial Large Scale Systems
Australian designed, made, and owned
Industrial Large Scale Booths.
From Spray Areas to enclosed custom booths and extraction walls Truflow Spraybooths has engineered facilities for some of Australia’s largest industrial clients in various industries …
spraybooths Australia
Australian designed, made, and owned
Major Spray Booth Projects.
Truflow Spraybooths has designed and implemented some of Australias largest Spray booth facilities for some major clients including Boeing, Sikorksy Hellitech and Caterpillar just to name a few…
Downdraft Preparation Bay
Arch infrared, for fast repairs.
The Latest in Infra Red Drying technology.
When it comes to the latest in Infrared technology, Truflow Spraybooths brings the world to you, the Revo Arch is used throughout Europe and the US and now in Australia supporting major paint brands like PPG, Sikkens, Glasuirt…

What kind of Spray booth can we help you with?
Truflow Spraybooths Australia wide.


Manufacturing custom engineered solutions for the spray painting industry across Adelaide and its surrounds, Truflow Spray Booths is a diversified designer, manufacturer and installer of industrial and commercial spray booth products.

Trusted by Australian and International companies such as Bombardier, Caterpillar, Qantas and Rolls Royce just to name a few, any paint shop in any industry throughout Adelaide is home to a Truflow Spray Booth.

Proudly Australian made with manufacturing facilities and offices in Adelaide, Truflow endeavour to provide local expertise and experience as well as distributors around the Greater Adelaide Area, so support is never too far away.


We work closely with the client to provide a catered solution that meets your exact needs. Our job is to ensure that the best value equipment is supplied to our clients and that their business is installed with a modernised paint facility that will ensure their product is painted to the highest quality with no defects.

Truflow Spray Booths are utilised throughout Adelaide in an array of industries including Aviation, Automotive repair, Industrial painting, Commercial Trucking and Cabinet Making. 

The team at Truflow are committed to implementing the best products as well as servicing every spray painting industry regardless of the size of the project. We care about you, that is what separates us and that is why Truflow Spray Booths has a solution for you.


Kitchen Cabinet Making Spray Booth

Kitchen and Cabinet Making Spraybooths

Infra Red Arch

IR Fast Curing Products

Open Face Water Filter Spraybooths

Bus Spraybooth

Bus Spraybooths

Chomate Filtration Spraybooths

Quick Repair Bays

Aluminium repair bays

Aluminium Repair Room

Boat and Marine Spray Booths

Marine and Boating Spraybooths

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We provide quality
Australian made paint


Expertly designed, Australian Made Spray Booths are what most associate with the Truflow name, though our services do not stop at spray booths solely. We believe wholeheartedly in service maintenance and back up support. Which is why our comprehensive service team is eager to support our customers for the lifetime of their booth.

Truflow Spray Booths are ever evolving, with stellar customer service helping to ensure long term durability when designing the large range of Australian built spray booths. With Australians being more concerned than ever with their environmental impact, Truflow Spray Booths emphasise sustainability across the whole process, from design to installation.

Truflow have worked tirelessly to develop low emissions technology, seeing to it that companies understand their ability to reduce their carbon footprint with economical, environmentally friendly heating systems, filtration as well as materials. In addition, we believe in building spray booths that are inexpensive and efficient to run, providing a cleaner painting solution.

Truflow Spray Booths stands alone as the only Australian spray booth company to provide a complete service division. Truflow service and maintain all spray booths with scheduled servicing programs and rapid response breakdown services.


A TRUFLOW booth is clean, efficient and Australian made to fully comply with all relevant Australian Standards.

Engineered to meet the safety code requirements for each state and territory, far exceeding the minimum OH&S requirements and EPA Legislation including exhaust filtration requirements.

The TRUFLOW range of spray booths and prep areas are designed to protect those that work within the spray environment, as well as those who work outside it. Full safety interlocks and operator protection is included as standard in our booths. TRUFLOW have engineered all products to efficiently remove the overspray, provide clean filtered air into the work area (design dependent) and provide operators flexibility, airflow control and constant ventilation for water based coating applications as well as solvent based paints.

TRUFLOW Spray Booth’s clean environment range maintain uniform air flow throughout the work area and ensure the highest quality finish with filtration by Viledon (560G10) pads. Heating is provided via a direct fired GAS System and modulation controls, this ensures accurate and consistent spray and bake temperatures inside the cabin.

All our enclosed clean environment range of spray booth products use the same trustworthy principle of downdraft airflow with the choice of exhaust filter locations. TRUFLOW customers frequently complement our range of booths for creating an environment that allows painters to apply the highest quality automotive finishes with controlled temperature settings and rapid bake cycles to ensure quick turnaround.

A TRUFLOW auto booth will provide lower operating costs with higher efficiency components and designs that result in lower energy (Gas and Power) consumption. We offer energy efficient components from VFD drives, recirculating exhaust systems, high efficiency motors, low voltage lighting, and heat modulation control packages resulting to lower your cost per product sprayed.

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