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Elite Series Premium Full Downdraft
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High Performance Elite Series - is the benchmark of the spray painting and auto re-finishing industry. The Elite is fitted with airflow control variable speed drives as standard, as well as premium lighting, economy mode bake cycle, high airflow mode to cure water borne paints and auto multi-function control board. Many other control options are available to setup the spray booth to suit your workshop and repair painting methods. The booth is intuitively designed to accommodate for changes when fitted with the AutoVSD function allowing for automatic airflow and pressure control when filters are loaded.

Elite Series Dimensions
Elite Full Downdraft Panel Construction Spray Booth Glass doors Premium features on Elite down draft

Premium feature AHU

The Elite Series is the benchmark in the spray painting and re-finsihing industry. If you need to quickly dry water borne paints, manage dust and provide high production throughput with limited servicing then look no further. The Elite air unit is a direct fired Gas system with modulating controls and intuitive airflow control which knows when filters are loaded and accomodates pressure and airflow to suit (optional AutoVSD). The Elite comes standard with variable speed drives and economy mode baking with water bone ready airflow. VSD controlled direct drive motors for the inlet are backward curved centrifugal type ensuring even airflow supply. The exhaust is a large belt driven 5.5KW with VSD fitted for exhaust airflow control modes in spray and bake cycles. The Elite series will provide a professional finish no matter the conditions.

50mm Acoustic Panel – white colorbond both sides, interlocking wall panel system doors, walls fully insulated to conserve valuable energy. Modular truss roof constructed from rigid 1.00mm galvanised engineered panel ensuring simple and quick installation.

System Controls

The Truflow Control unit for the ELITE incorporates visual Mimic Display and LED temperature controller with fully functional automatic settings – for a consistent spray temperature. This can be set 20 degrees above ambient and Bake temperatures of up to 70.C. The temperature ramp mode allows for a fully automatic functional combined flash off and bake including a rapid temperature rise to quickly bake the product. Standard display indicators are fitted including warning lights, purging and filter condition in a simple heads up display. All control box components are as per AS/NZS Standards. The high quality Control Box uses only high quality locally sourced components that are available Australia wide for easy replacement if necessary.


TRUFLOW Spray Booths have a larger engineered inlet Plenum; this improves airflow significantly over competitor's offerings, the Pro is fitted with 4 large easy change filter frames. Only using the highest quality filter media rated at 560G. The fillter frames mounted in the plenum chamber are of an aluminum rigid construction with a unique double seal edge specifically designed by TRUFLOW. The inlet Plenum frame is a high strength purling construction with polyurethane plastic filter tags all CNC machined into fitting holes.

Superb lighting to 1250 lux with high and low level, slim tube, extended life and daylight fluorescent lights installed at 45 degree angles, a number of lighting options are available, Standard package is quad batton arrangement (Left and Right). The lighting system is rear cooled and easily accessed for maintenance.

Standard Features

VSD - Variable Speed Drives

EcoBake Mode- reduced energy consumption in bake mode

Rapid Cure Cycle - Fast temperature ramp to get the product to bake temperature within 3minutes with higher airflow rates and turbulet air. Ideal for water borne paints.

Optional Add ons

APC - Auto Pressure Control and Monitoring

EcoGreen Mode - Low energy consumption system with LED Lighting, sleep mode and energy recovery.

Re-Circ Mode - Heat recirculation on bake cycle to reduce running costs.

Quick Specifications:

  • Roof height can be changed in this model to accomodate for higher vehicles.
  • Available in above floor, in ground pit and level entry options.
  • Glass bi-fold door standard.
  • Full insulated cabin.
  • Variable speed drives
  • 7.5 KW Inlet
  • 5.5 KW Exhaust
  • Fully automatic electrical Control Box
  • Direct GAS Fired Oven - Spraying and Baking Oven
  • Rear or side machinery arrangement,
  • High airflow for water or aqua base paints
  • Pressurised Downdraft
  • Insulated 50mm panels finished in white Colorbond internal and external
  • 1250 LUX bright lighting in bright light package - 52 daylight 36w fluorescent tubes
  • Standard 45° lights on each side of booth
  • Fully approved to AS/NZS 4114.1 2003 electrical to Australian Standard requirements
  • Double seal edge inlet filter frames - DUST FREE environment
  • Supply air filters Viladon 560G / Filtrair 600G / AAF / CAMFIL 600CDM
  • Dry filter exhaust ( 98% Efficient) and optional water floor filter design.

Technical Specifications

415 VOLTS 50 Hz 40 AMPS 7,560 Lps 600 mj/H 2-7 KPA 75 dba 875mm SQ 3000 kg



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