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Combined Blast and Spray Facility

Blast and Spray
Blast and Spray Facility
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TRUFLOW Spray Booths can provide a high quality Blast and Spray Facility. These two aspects of industrial blasting preparation and spray coatings are simular but very different industries. TRUFLOW will provide you with a spray cell that will meet your needs while we will put you in contact with our partnered blasting professionals to help

you implement a quality blasting segment to your workshop. For free advice please contact our office to speak with a technical advisor who can go through all aspects of a blast and spray facility with you.

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Blast and Spray Facility
Blast and Spray Facility Basic
Large Scale Blast and Spray

A blast and spray facility is specific to the industry you are in. Different applications of Blasting rooms and spray enclosures or spray extraction walls can be applied to an industrial coating application. Each system must be fully compliant to the National code and standards relevant to the installation. In order to determain your facility layout and design it is suggested you speak with a TRUFLOW technical advisor who can guide you in the righ direction. Below are some examples of industrial coating applications and the respective equiptment.

Machinery and Defence Equiptment: Product Trolleys carry parts into the booths while larger rolling equiptment is driven strait in. Both Spray and Blast are enclosed in seperate systems next to one another. Baking in the spray booth is suggested for increased production but not nessasary.

Steel Fabrication: An enclosed Blast Booth with high quality guns and pots followed by a large open spray area where the steel beams can be placed in front of a filter wall and painted in batches.

Large Marine componets: A split facility which houses both spray and Blast. The spray booth must be large with dust minimization to ensure a high quality marine coating. The Blasting enclosure must provide enough space and viability for odd shaped parts. Both systems should be enclosed and interlocked from operators.

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